Maida Srdanovic

Maida's drive and determination to succeed and help her clients achieve their real estate goals is truly unparalleled. 

Whether you are buying, or selling or maybe renting for the summer, Maida can help facilitate with all aspects of your real estate transaction. 

Speaking Croatian, German, Russian and Spanish have certainly helped Maida open many international doors along with building vast international network, which continues to grow here in the Hamptons. What's more, her diverse and prior business career along with her extreme attention to details have served her well in the areas of customer service, project management, accounting and bookkeeping. Her interpersonal skills are exceptional. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family have instilled qualities of loyalty, passion and helping those around her reach all their goals. 

Maida graduated from the University of Zagreb with a B.A. in Business and Economics and is a current MBA student. In her spare time, Maida enjoys spending time with the family, martial arts and home design.